TINA'S Backpackers Guesthouse ( hostel), ON CAYE CAULKER BEACH

TINA'S BACKPACKER HOSTEL is the place for adventures. From here you are in the center of all the village and island action. You can go to the Blue Hole of Light House Reef Atoll scuba diving, or off Half Moon Caye at the same ocean atoll for wall diving at the channel. Popular are trips to the NW wall diving side of Turneffe Atoll. Hol Chan channel is a very popular local marine reserve with lots and lots of fish. Then there is SHARK RAY alley, where people feed and stroke the sharks and sting rays. Snorkeling day sailing trips along the barrier reef are done every day. Windsurfing and kite sailing are run by Tina's sister Diane. Lots of plain old partying and meeting people from all over the world.

Looking out front door to the Barrier Reef
great place to socialize

Garden entrance from the beach to guesthouse

Tina's Backpackers Hostel on Caye Caulker
This guesthouse is on the beach facing the Great Coral barrier reef.

There are about 300 people a day come to Caye Caulker, mostly by water taxi from the mainland, and via small airplane. Accomodations at Tina's Backpackers Hostel are usually done through the day, by walking up and asking if any beds are available? You will notice there are several hammocks out front under the trees and there is a shaded roof by the foot of the dock with a couple more hammocks to lay relaxing and reading, or watching the barefoot crowd pass by. The bathroom is shared by all. Beds are limited as the facility is small. Tina's is funky and a favorite. In busy times, there is a long waiting list from people in other accomodations around the village.

Tina's guesthouse on Caye Caulker beach

Tina Auxillou on Caye Caulker

Tina is very laid back. She often arranges trips down the Great Barrier Reef camping on sailboats for small groups. Camping on various islands enroute and taking about 3 days. Ending usually in Placentia, another lobster/tourist fishing village on the Placentia peninsular. Tina had just built herself a house on the beach in Placentia. When she is not using it, you might be able to make some sort of arrangement to use it? Ask Tina! Tina is also a PADI DIVE MASTER and occasionally works for diving scuba cruise ships out at the Blue Hole and the deep water off the three offshore Atolls.

This is in 2005. An update for the 2007 is that Tina is building another Tina's Hostel in the Bay Islands, three islands off the coast of the country of Honduras. It has become a fabulous tourist resort in the last two years. It's a FREE ZONE now also. Tina's hostel here is on the island of Roatan. The other sister hostel to Tina's on Caye Caulker is FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL in the town of Santa Elena out in the foothills of the Belize Alps in Western Belize run by her retired DAD. Some really very exciting adventures out here. ZIP LINING, tubing down Caves Branch river through caves, major pyramid Mayan ruins and so on. XIBALBA and skeletons and pottery back a mile underground in the ACTUN TUNICHIL MUCKNAL archeological preserve.

ADVENTURES IN WESTERN BELIZE AND FALCONVIEW HOSTEL LINK - click here! Owned by Ray and Silvia Auxillou, her 70 year old DAD.

This url shows inside photos of Falconview Backpackers Hostel in Western Belize. CLICK THIS!

inner hallway for bunk rooms
Tina's guest house, or hostel on Caye Caulker

CLICK HERE: For those of you repeating trips to Caye Caulker, Tina had a Bak Pak Hostel for five years down the beach. She has since moved and built this Backpackers Hostel of her own, on the Auxillou Compound. She was leasing the previous location. This was the old advertising web page, no longer valid. But should bring back fond nostalgic memories of yesteryear? CLICK HERE!


Guesthouse kitchen
Tina's Guest House on the beach

Lots of wind surfing, snorkeling, sailing and water sports. Plenty of restaurants, about 60 small hotels of all price ranges, gift shops and stuff galore.

View from Tina's Guesthouse out to the reef .
The Great Coral Barrier reef is just a mile away. The lagoon water is about 18 ft depth.
Caye Caulker is an island about having fun and adventure!

The house on Placentia beach for 2004
Took Tina and Mark a few years to build this house. Finally got it.

Tina and her then significant other Mark, spent two years with chain saws and machetes, in the dry season, clearing ten acres on the West Side of Placentia Lagoon. ( amusing story of pioneering back in 2003 and 2004 ) They camped out and really were roughing it. They skipped last year 2004 and when they got back to the Lagoon property they were developing, all the trees and bushes had grown back already. ( laugh ) They have some nice creeks and canals, good breeze, no bugs, good sheltered anchorage for sailboats in the lagoon and the fishing is great. Can't beat a supper of amberjack, or snapper caught out front in the Placentia lagoon! Even the rare Manatees love the place and use the area for birthing calfs. One day they will have it developed, or sell it! Tired of camping out, they finally built a small house over on the beach of the Placentia Peninsular proper, so when they arrive there is a flush toilet and running water.
UPDATE: By the time two years had passed of listing this webpage, Tina had split with her significant other in Belize and moved over to Isla Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras, a fast developing tourism resort and free zone. She has a new TINA'S BACKPACKERS HOSTEL opening there in February, 2007. So, Tina now has two Tina's Backpacker Adventure Hostels and her Dad has the third in the chain. Is she making any money? Nope! But sure having a lot of fun and beats working in Miami, Florida or someplace "civilized" in a 9 to 5 humdrum job.

This is Tina's BLOG webpage and story of adventure in building a new Hostel over in Roatan, off the coast of Honduras. CLICK HERE!

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Tina's Backpackers Hostel opened in West End, Roatan Island of Honduras, in February, 2007. Tina hops back and forth between her hostel on the beach at Caye Caulker and the one in Honduras. There are motor scooters to rent to explore the long island, PADI certifications nearby. Tina even has access to her own island in Cayo Cochinos Atoll. You can scuba off the beach most places. Why Roatan? It is bigger, more history and much more varied than say Utilla or Guanaja.

Tina books weddings on the island and does all the arranging for your group. She can handle group organizing and has done so for people coming from Italy and other far away places. So if you have a group that wants specific things and need to get your accomodations, supplies and local transportation and reservations made in advance throughout Belize. Send her an e-mail.
send e-mail to: tinasbackpackershostel@yahoo.com

FALCONVIEW BACK PACK ADVENTURE HOSTEL, same family management, in the twin towns of Western Belize. $9 US a night, plus tax ( 2007 rates). Canoing the Macal River, the Mopan River and day trips to the Mayan Pyramid ruins of Xunantanich and Cahel Pech. Belize Alps camping trip with hiking views. No. #1 adventure in the whole Mayan Empire covering three countries - ACTUN TUNICHIL MUKNAL-, you can go ZIP LINING in the jungle tree tops and tube the Caves Branch river all in one day. CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND PHOTOS!

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CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS NEWS! "Click here" for an update on the 2006 ANNUAL MAYA MOUNTAINS FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL in Western Belize below the Alps, held at Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel.

Tina's Backpackers Hostel on the beach at Caye Caulker facing the Great Barrier Reef, 1 mile distant.