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This catalogue of Belize's major religion over ten thousand years old, had been done by Ray Auxillou, of Hillview, Cayo District, Belize, Central America. In the foothills of the Maya Mountains and Belize Alps.

The Supreme God in Mayan is ITZAM NA This is the GOD of CREATION, or the creator of the Universe as we know it.

Both the SUN God and the MOON God are very important. The SUN god is KINICH AHAU.

The MOON God is IX CHEL.

Because of the many different languages, mostly totally different, having no common ground, researchers in different parts of the archeological excavation of the old FEUDAL DAYS of the MAYAN EMPIRE will come up with different names, depending on the language.

The wind GOD for instance is KUKULCAN. This is also the GOD of the nobles and aristocrats in the feudal times of the Maya. We currently have no Maya nobles in Belize.

The rain GOD is CHAC

The MAYA believed the earth was flat and square as did Christians and Muslims for most of their time.

North American Indians believed in a spiritual force, a one GOD type concept called MANITOU. In the MAYA, animate and inaminate things and the life force, or sentience, we describe today, was a concept called IK. Though everything, both inanimate and animate had a spiritual life force to be considered.

Mayan beliefs of Belize are very much SOLAR SYSTEM orientated. Revolving around the Sun, Moon and planets. Particularly Venus, but which also included the NORTH STAR out in the cosmos. Like any other man made religion, the Maya had mythologies to go with their spiritual beliefs. Unlike many imported religions from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the MAYAN SPIRITUAL BELIEFS ARE THE OLDEST OF THEM ALL, OVER TEN THOUSAND YEARS old. We in Belize will be seeing the end of the second 5000 year cyclical calendar on December 21 st, 2012.

The Gods of the Maya in Belize! There are two Maya linguistic groups in Belize and 22 different Maya linguistic groups in adjacent Guatemala. The Maya may use different names for different Gods, though all their Gods in whichever language are basically the same.
While the conquest brought the Middle Eastern belief of Christianity, a more younger organized religion created to join feudal kingdoms of Europe and the Middle East. This religion prostylized by fire, sword, torture and murder throughout Belize for over 500 years. The old Belizean spiritual belief in a Pantheon of Gods better serves our population in today's world. Maya beliefs are still strong, despite the Catholic persecutions and are coming back well; both in Guatemala, the Yucatan, Honduras and Guatemala. Many other foreign religions of Asia and the Middle East can now be found in a minor way in Belize. Such as TAOISM, HINDU, MUSLIMS, ZOARASTA and others.


Belize has archeological findings of humans in Belize going back about 15,000 years,into the last Ice Age. Of the Mayan calendars, there have been two, of about 5000 years each. This is a cyclical history and the Maya believe life moves in cycles. As do historical events.

Human remains have been found dating the presence of humans in the world to about 200,000 years. But evolutionary fossils indicate moden man, or humans were here about half a million years ago on Earth. Though pre-dating modern man, we go back 14 million years on Earth.

The MAYAN Pantheon of GODS! Among the many hundreds of religions and spiritual explanations of the supernatural created by humans, probably the use of a PANTHEON OF GODS is best. There is always a GOD to ask for help, or blame when things were going wrong. This is very comforting.

AKHUSHTAL is the Goddess of Childbirth. Another God of medicine is AHAU CHAMAHEZ.

IXCHEL was also the Goddess of weaving, medicine and childbirth, rainbows and other good things.

CIT BOLON TUM is the God of Medicine.

KISIN or CIZIN is the God of Earthquakes.

EKAHAU is the God for tourists, travellers and traders. This is sometimes pronounced EK CHUAH depending on your linguistic group.

HUNAB KU is the CREATOR GOD, but is often associated with the sun god - KINICH AHAU.

The beautiful rare MACAW PARROT OF THE JUNGLES OF THE MAYA is called KINICH KAKMO. The MACAW parrot because of it's unique beauty is often a representation, or symbol on Earth of the SUN GOD.

The country of the MAYA, because of jungles, mountains, valleys and the massive cockpit country of the Peten jungles was nearly always at some kind of local wars. The God of WAR was NACON. In battle, a War Chief would be chosen for each side and when that person was captured or killed, the war was over. Modern wars elsewhere do not have these civilized ideas of limited conflict.

BULAC CHABTAN is the GOD after a battle of war and human sacrifice at the temple pyramids. It makes sense to get rid of your opponents leaders, if you wish to consolidate your new conquests.

YUM CIMIL is the death God, but in some Mayan linguistic groups is called AH PUCH, or the God of the underworld.

IXTAB is the God that causes people to commit suicide. People who have depression know they can reach heaven if they commit suicide. So the practice was common and less common today, but still there.

Beautiful mountains and valleys are in the charge of the God KEKCH.

YUM KAAX is the all important God of maize, or corn.

ITZAM NA is of course the Creator of the Universe and pervades all aspects of life. This old man GOD also was patron of the sciences, writing, mathematics and such. The God of all knowledge. The name of the creator God is also given at times as Hunab KU. While the patron of death and destruction is a female old woman Goddess. YUM CIMIL is the death diety. ITZAMNA brought culture, maize, cacao, healing, writing, and created the 5000 year Mayan calendars. We are approaching the end of this cyclical historical Mayan calendar.

XIBALBA is the Christian HELL, in Maya mythology. But all spirits when dead first go into a limbo, or purgatory, for a time. MITNAL is the place were people are tortured for their bad deeds after dying.

In some Mayan languages, BOLON TZACAB is that of the aristocratic noble lineage.

The North Star is very important in ceremonies and navigation, this is called AH CHICUM EK.

THE PURPOSE OF THE MAYAN PANTHEON OF GODS IS TO organize the cosmos into an ordered place. Create a spiritual religious function of ceremonies to unify the society, justify wars and the authority in the Mayan Feudal Kingdoms times of the ruling elites.

In the MAYA mythology, the BACABS are very important. These are four protective dieties, the sons of ITZAMNA and IXCHEL. These GIANT GODS uphold the sky at cardinal points. The four Gods who are BACABS are called CAUAC, IX, KAN and MULAC. The south is CAUAC and he is colored red. The WEST is IX and he is colored black. KAN represents the EAST and his color is yellow. MULAC is north and is colored white.
In Mayan mythology earth goes through cycles of creation and destruction. KAN-XIB-YUI is the Mayan God who recreated the earth, after it is destroyed by the four giant Gods the four BACABS. The Earth is usually destroyed by floods.

KAN-U-UAYEYAB There is a God who protects cities. Cities in the Mayan Empire usually governed a 26 mile radius, a distance a farmer could walk in a day and back, which was about 13 miles over winding up and down trails.

AHMAKIQ is the God protecting crops, from the God of wind called KUKULCAN, represented in writings as a feathered serpent.

On a cheerful note, the Mayan heaven or upper world of which there were nine planes, is called YAXCHE. Good people go here.

This page is prepared by Ray Auxillou in a spirit of Belizean patriotism.

The Maya don't have churchs, they worship at home. They also expect elected officials to conduct ceremonies of a spiritual nature.