Xunantunich, Clarissa Falls and Cahel Pech Expedition

Xunantunich hilltop Maya temple ruin plaza
This photo is taken standing on the ballcourt.



PACKAGE DAY TRIP ------------ $22 usa, which includes:

1) XUNANTUNICH Maya Hilltop Temple complex
2) CLARISSA FALLS a 7000 year old portage on the Mopan River (take a noonday swim here below the low Fall, blocking the Mopan River, draining the Peten. There is also a local restaurant overlooking Clarissa Falls for your meal.)
3) CAHEL PECH ruins and this area have been continuously inhabited for 3000 years and probably for 14,000 years, long before the Mayan pyramid complex was built, back into the last ICE AGE?
4) Includes FREE use of the COMMUNITY KITCHEN to cook your own. Lots of good international student conversation from fellow travelers. 2007 rate was $9 usa plus tax a night. YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME!

These Mayan Temple Pyramid hilltop sites have been occupied for 3000 years, before the Roman civilization and the Greek civilization existed. Occupation goes back to the time of the Minoans on the Aegean island of Santorini, who many claim were the site of Atlantis, told of some 1500 years much later by Plato in his dialogues, Tiarenes and Oritias.
In digging the septic tank hole for Falconview Hostel, we found Mayan pottery eleven feet down in clay strata, estimated 4,600 years old.
Once this valley trade route was part of the commerce during the OLMEC EMPIRE, which pre-dated the Aztec Empire and Mayan Empires. It was probably a commercial trade route before the Egyptians built their pyramids on the shores of the Meditteranean?
Archeological finds show people here were eating the GIANT SLOTH and other big game animals now extinct, found only during the LAST ICE AGE. Belize is a very good place to live if you expect another ICE AGE, now long overdue, according to the geologists.
Northern hemisphere histories tend to be Euro-centric. But some facts: The Inca Empire in South America was the largest civilized Empire in known human world history. The Chibcha Empire of South America was bigger than the Roman Empire. The Mayan Empire, or earlier Olmec Empire was bigger than the Greeks of Egyptian Empires.

Booking information: To take this one day trip to XUNANTUNICH, Clarissa Falls and CAHEL PECH contact our families travel agency on the tourist barrier reef island of Caye Caulker. Treasure Travel is run by Diane Auxillou of the Auxillou Family Clan that have been organizing adventurous trips and expeditions around Belize since 1964.

dianeauxillou@yahoo.com is the agency e-mail

or try Ray at: hillviewhacienda@yahoo.com

Auxillou Suites on this same tourist island, right on the beach, has an office that will also reserve you this trip to the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, Clarissa Falls and Cahel Pech. Wendy Auxillou has this office. E mail: reservations@auxilloubeachsuites.com
Websites of interest in Belize: http//falconview0.tripod.com ( thats a zero in the url ) for the BAK PAK hostel out on the Western Border mountain and hill area of Belize. This site was updated in December 26th, 2006, you can also try the url of http://folkmusicfl.tripod.com/adventuresinbelize/ E MAIL: hillviewhacienda@yahoo.com This latter e-mail is intermittent, as telephone infra-structure had not yet reached the small suburb of Hillview/Santa Elena in 2004 yet. -UPDATE- UPDATE- January 1st, 2007- We got cell phone service and the number is 663 5580. We also go down the hills to check e-mails from the Internet Cafe, or Santa Elena Town Public Library once a day usually.

We welcome intransit visitors exploring the many adventures of this area. You don't need to buy a trip from us. You can simply live here, or leave your valuables and explore the area on your own, cook your own food, play some music in the recreational tents out back. Take a mountain bike. If you arrive in San Ignacio bus station, just take a $3 usa taxi to Falconview Bak Pak Hostel. We recommend bus travelers go to the Bus Terminal in Santa Elena Town more nearby, at Western Highway EXIT 66 1/2 though. Accomodation is only $9 usa a night. We do other things like teach Marimba, Steel band, Guitar. Organize mountain bike races, the ANNUAL MAYA MOUNTAIN FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL is here. There is even an unexplored, unexcavated Mayan hilltop temple complex about 4 miles away from us back in the hills. You can see the temple top as you come up the hill to this suburb from the Western Highway of Belize.


There are a series of hilltop pyramid complexes guarding the Belize valley trade route into Guatemala. The best two Mayan ruins and most popular are; XUNANTUNICH and CAHEL PECH, in Western Belize.

The daily trip from Falconview Bak pak Hostel to the ruins leaves about 10 a.m., returning about 5 p.m.

If you have advance paid reservations, there is a FREE Hostel shuttle will meet you at the SANTA ELENA BUS TERMINAL, if it is not otherwise occupied. A taxi ride is cheap as it is only a 1/2 mile hike up 160 feet altitude to Falconview Hostel, the Hillview suburb on the slope of Green Parrot Valley. We walk this distance regularly just for the excercise, but don't recommend it in the hot sun with a heavy back pack! Depending on the time of day, school childen in groups are walking down the dirt road to school in Santa Elena Town every day.

There are a lot of Mayan Ruins in Belize. These two are the BEST!


This famous mysterious CRYSTAL SKULL was found at another Belize Mayan temple ruin.

The HOSTEL also offers a 1 DAY TRIP to the Mountain Pine Ridge, Hidden Valley Falls (1600 ft), Rio Frio Cave and Rio On Rapids.

You can also take a 3 night camping and 2 day hiking expedition up on the remote mountain ridges of the Belize Alps. These things change year by year! So email and double check first.

We have local Tour Guides who specialize in Adventures and Expeditions and they will pickup and deliver you at the front desk for other adventures.

ADVENTURES IN BELIZE URL and Falconview Tourist Backpackers Adventure Hostel. CLICK HERE!

For up to EIGHT days of different expeditions and adventures to choose from in Western Belize headquartered out of Falconview Adventure Hostel, CLICK HERE!

Tina Auxillou, operates Tina's BAK PAK Hostel on the beach at Caye Caulker. She is also developing a new remote tourist site down the Belizean coast, on Placentia Lagoon, to experience Manatee and other wildlife sightseeing. She has a great spot near a favorite Manatee feeding and birthing area. The previous was 2005 information. "UPDATE" A Dec. 2006 and 2007 update, has Tina on the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras. A large mountainous island with a shoreline reef that is exploding with tourism and is now a FREE ZONE. Tina will be operational with another Tina's Backpackers Hostel on Roatan by Jan. 2007 and is commuting to Belize. You can take the bus to Punta Gorda in Belize, a water taxi to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala and a bus to La Ceiba in Honduras and catch a boat to Roatan Island. There is a brand new coastal highway under the mountain range that divided Honduras and Guatemala recently.

Justin (Auxillou) Kuylen, 18 years old third generation Auxillou family clan is still in school; but champing at the bit, to pioneer a new overland mountain climbing trail to the highest mountain in Belize; VICTORIA PEAK, from the northern approach at the Falconview Hostel Base Camp #3 campsite up in the Belize Alps. This is still raw rough country in Belize!


or email: hillviewhacienda@yahoo.com for Ray her Dad at Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel in Western Belize.
E Mail to: Falconview Hostel, $9 USA a night, plus tax, in Western Belize. Canoe trips on the Macal and Mopan Rivers. Day trip to Mayan hilltop Pyramid ruins of XUNANTANICH AND CAHEL PECH. Camping trips into the Belize Alps with hiking views. This is your HOME AWAY from HOME in Western Belize and if you really want to sample all the adventures from; ZIP LINING the jungle tree tops, to tubing the Caves Branch river which goes through caves, etc., etc. Use our place as headquarters and leave your valuables where they will be safe!